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Payment Methods:


Publication cost:

  • 1000 rubles for an article up to 5 pages inclusive

  • 1200 rubles for an article from 6 pages

  • 200 rubles - diploma

  • 200 rubles- gratitude to the supervisor

  • 100 rubles - electronic certificate*

  • 50 rubles - electronic certificate

  • 300 rubles for text formatting with the requirements

  • +350 rubles to the cost - DOI assignment

  • +500 rubles to the cost - publication in 24 hours

*For foreign participants, ordering a certificate is required


We offer several payment methods for you to choose from:


1. Payment online by SBP

(open the bank application, select payment by QR code, enter the required amount.

Platencycharged without commission)


2. Payment by card    

Users from Uzbekistan can pay through applications:PAY WAYOSONUzum by MIR card number 2204 1202 0062 0280, VISA 4693 9576 0239 2586, mastercard 5106 2180 3581 3401. We are working on connecting alternative payment methods. For users from Russia, there are no changes in payment.


3. By details:

Payment is possiblethrough any bank, including online

Recipient*   ООО «Институт управления и 
социально-экономического развития»

TIN 6454110943

Gearbox 645001001

Settlement account 40702810805260005711

Beneficiary bank F-l Privolzhsky PJSC Bank
"FC Opening"

BIC 042282881

Correspondent account 30101810300000000881

Purpose of payment Article publication Full name, Without VAT

*When filling out bank documents, the name of the organization (recipient) is not shortened or changed

4. Pay from the current account of your organization

If an organization (legal entity) will pay for you, you need to inform us about this by e-mail We will send you an invoice. 

Whichever way you choose,
as a result, you will have a document on payment in your hands,
which you need to scan or photograph
and send us an e-mail:

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