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Registration certificate El No. FS77-45777 dated July 07, 2011

The journal is registered with the Center International de l'ISSN: ISSN 2225-1545.

The journal is included in the NEB system (e-library) No. 594-09 / 2013 from 26.09.2013

DOI Assignment Agreement No. DOI-18581/2020

Editor-in-Chief: Tyagunova Lyudmila Anatolyevna, Candidate of Philosophy

Editorial Council:

Zaraisky A.A., Doctor of Philology, Professor,

Smirnova T. V., Doctor of Sociological Sciences, Professor,
Fedorova Yu.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Postyushkov A.V., Doctor of Economics, Professor,
Vestov F.A., candidate of legal sciences, professor,
Shoshin S.V., candidate of legal sciences,

Publisher (Founder):

LLC Institute of Management and Socio-Economic Development

The publication is registered by the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Communications, Information Technologies and Mass Communications (Roskomnadzor). Editorial Charter
Publishing house address: 410031, Saratov, Volzhskaya st., 28

Frequency of release: once a month
Languages: Russian, English
Distribution territory: Russian Federation, foreign countries

Topics of the journal: topical issues of modern economics and sociology - from theoretical and experimental research to the direct results of management and production activities. Publications in the journal are counted as published works when defending dissertations for degrees in Russia and abroad.


- Main section: socio-economic aspects of the development of a modern state;

- Modern technologies of organization management;

- Topical issues of politics and law;

- Modern sciences and education;

- Information and communication technologies.

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