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Copyright agreement (public offer) on the conditions for publishing an article in the journal "Economy and Society"


The limited liability company "Institute of Management and Socio-Economic Development" represented by the General Director Olga Andreevna Chernyshova, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, invites an indefinite circle of persons (hereinafter - the Author), on the other hand, hereinafter collectively referred to as the Parties, to conclude this agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) on the publication of scientific materials (hereinafter referred to as the Article) in the journal "Economy and Society" on the following conditions:

1. Terminology used

The author is an individual whose creative work the article was created.
Customer - the Author of the Article, or a third party providing, in agreement with the Author, his Article of the Edition for posting in the Journal.
Edition (Journal) - a periodical electronic publication in respect of which the Publisher is the Founder.
Licensor - Author of the Article (Work).
Licensee - Publisher.
Offer - this Public offer for the placement of printed materials.
Publication - placement of materials in publications.
Editorial Office (Edition of the Edition, Edition of the Journal).
Article (Work) - textual material submitted for publication in the Edition.
Service - placement (publication) of Articles in the Edition based on the Application

2. Subject of the offer.

2.1. The customer sends the Author's Article for placement in the Edition in accordance with the requirements specified on the Publisher's website.
2.2. The Publisher provides the Customer with services related to the publication of the Author's Article: accepts the Article, decides to accept the Article for publication, places the Article in the Journal. Sends the journal to eLibrary with article-by-article markup on the basis of contract No. 594-09 / 2013 of 09/26/2013.


3. Rights and obligations.

3.1. The author undertakes that:
- he is a valid copyright holder of the exclusive rights to the article;
- the materials provided to the Licensee under the contract have not been published earlier;
- the article contains all links to the cited authors and / or publications (materials) provided for by the current copyright law;
- the author has received all the necessary permissions for the results, facts and other borrowed materials used in the Article, of which the Author is not the copyright holder;
- the article does not contain materials that are not subject to publication in the open press in accordance with the current legislative acts of the Russian Federation, and its publication and distribution will not lead to the disclosure of classified (confidential) information (including state secrets);
- he informed the other Co-authors about the terms of this Agreement and received the consent of all Co-authors to conclude this Agreement on the terms provided for by the Agreement.

3.2. The author consents to the processing and use of personal data.

3.3. The editors are not responsible for possible inconsistencies as a result of cross-browser problems (inconsistencies when viewing the manuscript in different applications).

3.4. The Editorial Board of the Journal is obliged:
3.4.1. After receipt of the Publishing fee, place the Author's Article in the current issue of the journal within three working days (working day 9: 00-18: 00 Moscow time, weekends and holidays in accordance with the production calendar of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation). A letter sent outside of business hours, on a weekend or a public holiday, is considered received on the next business day.
3.4.2. Place a full-fledged (typeset) issue of the Journal on the Publishing House's website within two months from the end of the acceptance of articles for the current issue.
3.4.3. Send the issue of the journal to eLibrary on the basis of contract No. 594-09 / 2013 dated September 26, 2013 The editors are not responsible for the timing of checking the eLibrary journal

3.5. The Editorial Board has the right to:
3.5.1. Carry out technical editing of the Article without changing its fundamental provisions.
3.5.2. Review the Article and offer the Customer or the Author to make the necessary changes, before which the Article will not be placed in the Edition.
3.5.3. Refuse to post the Article if: the design of the Article does not meet the design requirements, or the Article cannot be published due to the ban on the publication of the information contained in it, established by the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, as well as in case of violation by the Customer of obligations under this Offer ...

3.6. The editorial board does not have the right to make significant changes, change the composition of authors, as well as delete, add or replace articles in the closed issue of the journal. The closing date is the first day of the next month.

4. Licensing relationship.

4.1. The Licensor grants the Licensee the right to use the Work within the limits stipulated by the Offer, free of charge.

4.2. The Licensor guarantees that he owns the exclusive copyright for the Work transferred to the Licensee.

4.3. If the Customer is not directly the Author of the Work, he (the Customer) guarantees that the Author is notified of the terms of the licensing relationship under this Offer and agrees with these terms.

4.4. The Licensor grants the Licensee the following rights: - the right to reproduce the Work (publication, disclosure, duplication, duplication or other reproduction of the Work) without limiting the circulation of copies. Moreover, each copy of the Work must contain the name of the Author of the Work; - the right to distribute the Work in any way; - the right to be included in a composite work; - the right to be communicated to the public; - the right to use the metadata of the work (title, name of the Author (copyright holder), annotations, bibliographic materials, etc.) by dissemination and making available to the public, processing and systematization, as well as inclusion in various databases and information systems.

4.5. The Licensor transfers the rights to the Licensee under this Offer on the basis of a non-exclusive license.
4.6. The territory in which the use of the rights to the Works is allowed is not limited.

4.7. The Licensor also grants the Licensee the right to store and process the following personal data for no time limit: surname, name, patronymic; Date of Birth; information about education; information about the place of work and the position held; information on the availability of published works of literature, science and art, e-mail Personal data is provided for their storage and processing in various databases and information systems, their inclusion in analytical and statistical reports, the creation of reasonable relationships between objects of works of science, literature and art with personal data, etc. The Licensee has the right to transfer the specified data for processing and storage to third parties, subject to notification of such a fact with the provision of information about the third party (name and address) to the Licensor.

5. Payment and refund.

5.1. The publication is carried out after confirmation of receipt of payment.
5.2. Refunds are made:
a) At the request of the author, if the service was not provided (the article was not posted on the site). Transfer fees are charged at the expense of the author
After the issue is closed, the withdrawal of the article is impossible, see clause 3.6.
b) If the editorial office refuses to provide the service.
Refunds are made to the details specified by the author from the current account of the organization (edition)
5.3. Refunds will not be made if:
a) The service is provided (the article is posted on the site), but the author wishes to withdraw the article for personal reasons. Possibly before closing the room, see p. 3.6.
b) The article violates applicable law (and / or is plagiarism). The article is removed from publication.
c) It was revealed that the article is not unique. The text was processed by the "rewrite" system (or similar, with the substitution of words and / or similar actions). This action is interpreted as deliberately misleading the Editorial Board (fraud). The article is removed from publication.

6. Other conditions.

6.1. The acceptance of this public Offer by the Customer is carried out by sending the Article to the Publisher.

6.2. Confirmation of acceptance of this Offer and its conditions is recognized by the fact that the article was sent by the Customer by e-mail or in person on any physical medium.

6.3. The terms of this Offer may be changed by the Publisher unilaterally. The new conditions of the offer cannot be applied to the relationship between the Editorial Board of the Journal and the Customer, if the acceptance and confirmation of acceptance of this Offer by the Customer occurred before the Publisher changed the terms of this Offer.

6.4. The Customer guarantees the Editorial Office of the Journal that the publication of the Article in the Edition does not violate or violate anyone's copyright or property rights transferred by the Author under the author's agreement in relation to the published Article, that the Article contains all references to the cited authors and publications provided for by the regulatory legal acts of the Russian Federation, and also references to the results and facts used in the Article obtained by other authors and (or) organizations.

6.5. The Publisher and the Editorial Office of the Journal are not responsible for the content of the published Articles.

6.6. The Customer is warned by the Publishing House and the Editorial Office of the Journal that the latter do not exercise any protection of the rights of the Author in relation to the posted Article in the field of intellectual activity. The protection of the intellectual rights of the Author in relation to the posted Article is carried out by the Author independently.

6.7. If the Customer causes any losses to the Publishing House within the framework of the relations based on this Offer, the Publishing House has the right, if the Customer is guilty, to demand compensation from him for the corresponding losses.

6.8. The act of performed services must be signed by the Customer within 40 (forty) calendar days from the date of publication on the website of the Edition. If the Customer has not signed an act of performed services and no claims have been made regarding the quality of the Service provided within 40 (forty) calendar days from the date of publication of the article, then the service is considered completed in full, and the Customer has no claims in terms of volume, quality of services.

6.9. The relationship between the Author of the Article and the Customer, who is not its direct Author, related to the order of the Services in relation to such Article, are subject to regulation between them independently, without the participation of the Publisher and the Editorial Board of the Journal.

6.10. Liability measures for non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the terms of this Offer are applied in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.11. All disputes arising in the process of fulfilling the terms of this Offer must be preliminary considered by the Publisher and the Customer in order to work out a mutually acceptable solution. The presence of a dispute between the Editorial Board of the Journal and the Customer is evidenced by the direction of a written claim. The term for considering a claim and responding to it is set equal to 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of receipt by the addressee. If, as a result of compliance with the complaint procedure for the disputes that have arisen, mutual understanding is not found, then disputes and disagreements shall be resolved in court at the location of the Editorial Office in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.12. The place of conclusion of the Offer Agreement is the location of the Publishing House.

6.15. In everything that is not provided for in this Offer, the parties will be guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


Recipient: LLC Institute of Management and Socio-Economic Development

TIN 6454110943, KPP 645001001,

account number 40702810805260005711
Payee's bank:
F-l Privolzhsky PJSC Bank FC Otkritie

BIK: 042282881
Correspondent account: 30101810300000000881

410031, Saratov, st. Volzhskaya, 28, building 2/10

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